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Matthew Thornton

Office Assistant

Matthew joined the Virginia Tech T/TAC family in 2013 after graduating from Eastern Montgomery HighSchool. He began working in the T/TAC office as a student intern in the Montgomery County Public Schools’ On-Campus Transition Program. During his postgraduate years, Matthew participated in Project Search in 2016-17. Additionally, he has done volunteer work at Meadowbrook Public Library in his hometown of Shawsville. In the fall of 2015, Matthew began working as a part-time employee for the T/TAC at Virginia Tech. During the school year, Matthew also does volunteer work in the Media Center at Eastern Montgomery High School.

Matthew’s favorite thing about working at T/TAC is seeing all of his co-workers! He enjoys recycling,
making copies, and packets for professional development events. When not at work, Matthew enjoys going to church, going to the movies, shopping, and hanging out with friends.