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3d printing

The library at the T/TAC at Virginia Tech houses an Ultimaker S3 3D printer that can be used to fabricate custom assistive technology materials for trialing with students, such as keyguards, manipulatives, and tactile books.  T/TAC coordinators can support educators in Regions 6 & 7 as needed with the design and fabrication of these materials.  Final complete 3D model files can also be given to educators for future creation of additional models using their own 3D printers or modification in school-based makerspaces.

Please note: Our 3D printer is limited to use in the VT School of Education and the schools in Virginia Regions 6 & 7 that T/TAC supports due to stipulations in the grant that funds it.

For more information about our 3D printing services or to request a print to be created or design support, please contact Matt Newton at