The Virginia Accessible Instructional Materials Center (AIM-VA), part of the Helen A. Kellar Institute for Human disabilities at George Mason University, will produce and deliver accessible instructional materials for Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in Virginia who have students with an IEP, indicating a need for alternate formats of printed materials, and a physician's statement of need. The AIM-VA will also provide training and technical assistance to LEAs who will order and use these accessible instructional materials. AIM-VA assists the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) in the implementation of the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standards (NIMAS) under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

AEM Navigator

What is it?

The AEM Navigator is an interactive tool that facilitates the process of decision-making around accessible instructional materials for an individual student. The four major decision points in the process include 1) determination of need, 2) selection of format(s), 3) acquisition of format(s), and 4) selection of supports for use.  The AEM Navigator also includes a robust set of guiding questions and useful references and resources specifically related to each decision point.  Different scaffolds of support are built in so that teams can access information at the level needed to assist them in making informed, accurate decisions.

The AEM Navigator Online Tool: Go directly to the interactive tool. This tool requires connection to the Internet during use.

Who is it for?

The AEM Navigator is designed to be used by IEP teams and other collaborative teams that include students, family, and pertinent school personnel. For additional information about AEM Navigator visit the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials.

AIM Explorer

What is it?

The AIM Explorer is a free simulation that combines grade-leveled digital text with access features common to most text readers and other supported reading software. Magnification, custom text and background colors, text-to-speech (synthetic and human), text highlighting, and layout options are presented in a logical sequence to help struggling readers decide which of these supports might help them to access and understand text.

Who is it for?

The AIM Explorer is designed to be used by a reader working collaboratively with an educator, tutor, parent, or assistive technology specialist as a guide. The guide may create a student account in order to re-assess reader preferences at a later time, or lead the reader on an exploration without creating an account. In both cases a reader summary profile will be created at the end of the exploration, but student preferences will only be saved if an account is created. Alternatively, a reader could initiate an exploration independently.

For additional information about AIM Explorer visit the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials.