Image of three gears (blue, yellow, and green) with the words "co-plan", "co-instruct", and "co-assess" in each gear.  Image depicts how these components work together.  Text included says "co-teaching is a service delivery optino where 2 or more educators co-plan, co-instruct, and co-assess a group of students with diverse needs in the same general education classroom (Murwaski & Dieker 2013)

Co-Teaching in Support of Inclusive Practices

“How is what co-teachers are doing together substantively different and better for kids than what one teacher can do alone?” (Murawski & Dieker, 2013). The answer isn’t easy or clear-cut, but in schools that embrace an inclusive philosophy, a collaborative spirit, and a supportive schedule, co-teaching can be successful.  Involving stakeholders across the community, division and schools with needed resources and an ongoing professional learning plan can result in positive outcomes for students.

For educators who wish to develop or improve their co-teaching practices, T/TAC will collaborate with educational teams to determine what they have in place, what is needed, and share a plethora of available resources. It is essential that this professional learning plan includes follow-up in the form of ongoing and job-embedded coaching.  To request services, please call or e-mail our office for a request packet to fill out. Feel free to access our resources below and share them with parents, administrators, teachers, and staff.

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