Strategic Instruction Model™ (SIM)


The vision of the SIM™ professional developers at VT T/TAC is to improve the performance of ALL learners through empowering, supporting, and inspiring teachers and administrators to implement research-validated practices.


In order to ensure success for ALL learners, our mission will be achieved when:

  •  Instructional coaching is pervasive.
  •  A purposeful teacher leader team is established.
  •  Professional learning is valued and ongoing.
  •  Strategic instruction is implemented with fidelity.
  •  Clear expectations are established and implemented. 


As SIM™ professional developers, our work is “grounded in the belief that people learn and live best when they come together as partners" (Knight, 2002, p. 5). Through our work, we maintain high expectations, yet we encourage voice and choice throughout professional development opportunities. 

Knight, J. (2002). Partnership learning fieldbook. Lawrence, KS: University of Kansas Center For Research on Learning.

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