Three teachers speaking with t/tac staff member Margo Vaughn at the Paula Kluth event.


Interlocking colored gears depicting different types of supportive technology

The Spring Assistive Technology Network Meetings will be held on March 1st -Abingdon and March 2nd - Roanoke.  Select your region's link for more information and to register.

Large group of teachers posing for a picture at a previous COLA meeting.

The Spring Community of Leaders in Autism meetings are in Abingdon - March 8th and Roanoke - March 9th. Registration is now open for these events.

I'm Determined in red, blue, and green text characters with a smiling face.

Applications for the  I'm Determined Youth Summit at James Madison University are due on March 9th.  Apply now!

Consequence maps are a cognitive behavior therapy strategy.  Some individuals have trouble predicting the consequences of their behavior and holding those consequences in mind. Consequence maps can help them organize their thinking and understandand engage in problem-solving discussions related to behavior.  A consequence map can be used three places in a behavior support plan: when teaching new behaviors, as an environmental support,  and as a reactive strategy.

T/TAC Mission

The mission of the Training & Technical Assistance Center (T/TAC) is to improve educational opportunities and contribute to the success of children and youth with disabilities (birth–22 years). This mission is two-fold; first, to increase the... 

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