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Presenter Cyndi Pitonyak from the VCU Autism Center for Excellence has over 30 years of experience as a special educator in inclusive, self-contained, and residental elementary and secondary settings. 

Inclusion: What does it mean and who is it for?

Inclusive education is a powerful practice with proven benefits for students with disabilities, their peers, instruction, school culture, and the community.  We often fail to experience these benefits due to a narrow definition of inclusion and believing it to be appropriate for only a specific group of students.  This webcast explores how schools can realize the many benefits of inclusion by expanding its definition beyond physical presence in the classroom and addressing student social interactions, relationships, and meaningful progress in both the general curriculum and IEP goals.


Where: The Southwest Virginia Higher Ed Center in Abingdon, Virginia.

When:  October 17, 2017 from 9am-3:30pm (Registration begins at 8am).

Who: Educators and administrators in both general and special education from Regions 6 & 7.  

Cost: $50.  Registration includes morning refreshments, working lunch,  and a copy of Dr. Kluth's book Don't We Already Do Inclusion?

Please register early, we expect this event to fill quickly!  To learn more about Paula Kluth please visit her website. We look forward to spending the day learning with you.


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The AT Summer Symposium scheduled for August 2, 2017 at the Higher Ed Center in Abingdon has been postponed until the fall. More infomation will be announced soon.

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The mission of the Training & Technical Assistance Center (T/TAC) is to improve educational opportunities and contribute to the success of children and youth with disabilities (birth–22 years). This mission is two-fold; first, to increase the... 

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